MLTSS is care, connected

Long-term services and supports (LTSS) covers a broad range of day-to-day services and supports needed by people with long-term conditions, disabilities, or frailty. States are increasingly shifting to managed care models for LTSS, known as MLTSS, which enables states to deliver higher quality care and improve health outcomes of Medicaid recipients.

A 360° approach to long-term services and supports

MLTSS plans employ care coordinators, who determine holistic needs, ensure appropriate care, and build care plans. The care coordinator acts as a trusted point of contact to coordinate care, support caregivers, and monitor progress.

By working with their care coordinators on ensuring whole-person care, MLTSS beneficiaries can improve their quality of life and regularly re-evaluate their needs.

The importance of home- and community-based care

Americans increasingly wish to be cared for in their homes by people they trust. MLTSS increases access to home- and community-based services (HCBS), which enables people with disabilities of all ages to live as independently as possible and fully participate in their communities as they choose.

Father in wheelchair helping son with homework

Success Story

“David” is a 55-year-old cancer survivor with chronic heart failure. Before joining his MLTSS plan, he lost a leg in a car accident and had a prosthetic but never used it. After joining, his MLTSS plan paid for a hospital bed, scooter, manual wheelchair, and other equipment and arranged for home health three times a week to help him live more independently at home. By meeting with his care coordinator weekly, he was able to take a step by step approach to meeting his goals of improving his overall physical and emotional health.

Along with his improved mood and quality of life, he has only been to the hospital once in the past two years. He no longer needs home health support because of his increased independence, but receives help with shopping, homemaking, and getting to appointments, which frees his son to invest more time in his own education. David has been “so thankful” for the support he has received from his MLTSS plan and views his transformation over the past few years as “a miracle.”

— David, Commonwealth Care Alliance One Care MLTSS beneficiary

Reflecting on his MLTSS plan experience following the loss of his wife, his primary caregiver.

“Getting used to my wife not being here was a big change. For a whole year, my interests just faded away. Now, I’m getting around better. I’m getting a little more of my enthusiasm back. I’ve got someone to watch my back. It’s great.”

— Inclusa MLTSS beneficiary

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About long-term services and supports

Quality of life

Quality of life is a top priority for LTSS beneficiaries and their families

Value of managed care

MLTSS provides high quality care

Value of Managed LTSS

MLTSS provides high quality care
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MLTSS supports expanded home- and community-based services